Sango-ota, Ogun state.,

This program addresses two critical challenges plaguing our community: youth unemployment and alarming rates of substance abuse among young adults. Unemployment is a significant driver of drug abuse, as idle youth are more susceptible to the lure of drugs. By providing practical skills that enhance employability and entrepreneurial capability, we aim to create sustainable avenues for young adults to gain financial independence and contribute positively to society.

Despite the presence of a young and capable workforce, many young people lack the necessary technical skills demanded by today’s job market, leading to high unemployment rates. Concurrently, high levels of substance abuse reflect a lack of constructive engagement and the negative impact of social exclusion on young lives.

Recognizing the strong correlation between unemployment and drug abuse, we have designed a comprehensive skill empowerment program. 

This initiative aims to equip young adults with marketable skills, enhance their employability, and provide positive engagement to reduce drug use and abuse.

Our goal is to equip participants with the tools they need to secure meaningful employment or start their own entrepreneurial ventures, thereby reducing the allure of drug use as a coping mechanism for unemployment.

Register for Project NAVIGATE 2.1. Cohort begins August 3, 2024
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